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EPS, started in 1991, is a privately owned  Cape Town based  South African pump manufacturer and also importer of centrifugal pumps for both  clear liquid and solids handling applications.

Pump Range

1.Egger-TURO  pumps for  solids handling and contaminated liquid applications.
2. EPS pumps manufactured to EPS designs or product license agreements centred around clear liquid applications.

As a general guide, EPS Pumps fall into one of the following categories :

a) Dry-well end suction pumps in both monoblock and long shaft (bearing housing type) versions.
b) Submersible pumps with IP 68 enclosures to operate at least two thirds submerged in the pumped liquid.
c) Immersible pumps with IP 68 enclosures using self-contained oil filled motors with internal cooling for solids handling applications such as sludge and sewage.
d) Hydraulically driven submersible pumps for difficult drainage applications such as ship's bildges.
e) Vertical shaft driven column pumps fitted with mechanical seals and/or grease lubricated sealing up to 8 metres long.
f) Cantilevered column pumps without lower sealing arrangement for dry running with erosive or corrosive liquids.
g) High flow, low head axial flow elbow and column pumps for process industries such as brine and acid washing.
Depending on the terms of our principals agreements , customers requirements, application , lead times & viability,  all pump options listed could be completely imported, 100% locally manufactured or a combination of both. EPS have a fully equipped workshop in  Cape Town with   machines and pump  assembly areas. EPS also undertakes pump repair work on a selective basis.


1. EPS contract staff include  patternmakers, engineers(BSc;MSc mech eng  UCT); technologists(Pr. Tech) as well as qualified artisans. Facilities include autocad, turbocad, CNC machining centres, lathes and milling machines.

2. Castings used in pump manufacture by EPS are supplied with material certificates supplied from actual test data from the specific casting melt. Materials include cast iron; 27% chrome iron; SG Iron; Hastalloys : 316 stainless: Duplex stainless; titanium and bronze.

3. Pump hydraulic ends can be coated with abrasion or corrosion resistant coatings where required.


  • Sewage : Recycle streams : raw sewage, settled sludge, mixed liquor settled effluent.

  • Aquaculture : Seawater supply, fish offal, fish food waste, copper free pumps for circulation of water.

  • Paper/sugar : White water up to 2%, stock up to 8%, black and mixed liquor, general floor waste drainage, main feed for recycle plants, cooling water supply.

  • Plastic : Chopped plastic for recycling, plastic granules, PVC slurry.

  • Food and Wine : Silica slurries, wine effluent, grape skins and seed, hot brine solutions, brine feed, sea water supply.

  • Car Industry : Swarf removal, ecoat mixtures, paint waste, cast iron dust in suspension, filtered emulsions.

  • Process Industry : Hot caustic solutions, acids, nitrocellulose, cellulose fibre, explosive mixtures, chlorine solutions.

  • Mining : Cyanide tanks, slurry suspensions, coal dustmixtures, silicia and sand suspensions, general dredging.


Effluent Pumps

Immersible sewage and effluent pumps.


Hydrocarbon & Petroleum Pumps

Hydrocarbon and petroleum pumps. This is an API 610 process pump.


High efficient elbow propeller pump for recirculation use typically found in sodium chloride and chlorine contact applications.

Refrubished Vertical Column pump for handling raw sewage with 150 mm solids.

Submersible pumps fitted with agitator head for chrome sludge.

Vertical sewage sludge recycle pumps.

End suction monoblock water pump with motor.





Pumps for Mining

End suction vortex pump used for mining.


general industry pumps

Cantilevered vertical pump for chicken offal.


End suction pumps for filtered sea water with duplex stainless steel housings.

Self priming pumps in stainless steel for pumping potato skins  in wash water.

Close coupled monoblock flame proof solids handling pump fitted with double mechanical seals for solvent containing solids in suspension.

Vertical solids handling pumps for pumping wood chips in warm water.

Multistage pump for mine drainage application








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We started in 1991,and we're a privately owned  Cape Town based  South African pump manufacturer and importer.